Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Gadget Hell

When I was a little boy all I wanted to do was own a pair of walkie talkies. Two way radios just seemed so drop-dead cool. This was a result of watching Daktari on TV. You may recall Daktari, if you're ancient. It was a show about vets in Africa looking after animals. They (the vets) had walkie talkies, and a cross eyed lion called Clarence. But I digress.

Anyway I never had a pair of walkie talkies, because the UK had highly restrictive radio transmission laws which were only relaxed in my twenties, at which time I had no particular desire to own any.

Fast forward if you will to last Saturday when I found myself in Battersea, where the Woolworths is closing down. And the little radios above were on sale for half price, a cool twenty quid. I lost my head and reader, I bought them. They are fab, with eight channels, which you can adjust, a little tone that tells you when the other chap is calling and even a stopwatch.

But now I'm thinking, what do I actually use these for?


han said...

Walkie talkies? I've always wanted a pair of them. There are loads of things you can use them for.

Make sure that L keeps one in her apron pocket at all times. You can then call her from upstairs or wher ever you are and ask her to bring you a gin and tonic - and you won't ever have to shout again!

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, walkie-talkies are something that every young lad craves but could never attain. I can see why you caved in to this juvenile craving, but mobile phones have killed the walkie-talkie.