Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Daleks at the BBC

Confession time: I don't like the current series of Dr Who. I appreciate I'm the only person in the UK who thinks David Tennant is a bit wet. The show has massive ratings and everyone loves it. Part of the problem is the monsters. When I tune in I find they talk too much. They frequently have the Doctor at their mercy, but they always fumble it.

The exception is the Daleks, who rule. These days they can fly, but I find them frightening even in their original trundling manifestation. The grilles from which the satanic voice is heard, the metal finish, the gun and the cyclops sensor - they all spell evil to me even now.

Recently one arrived in reception in Television Centre. It just stood there and didn't say anything. You could stand next to it; Daleks stand as tall as me and if you think they're impressive on the telly you should try them in the flesh, as it were.

Then another one arrived, overnight, and they stood on either side of the door to the news area. But one day I came in to work and they'd disappeared.

This week I came in and found they'd relocated to the cafe area near the shop that sells Dads Army DVDs. And now there are three of them. What's going on?

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AliceEmmaThompson said...

Maybe the PM, abandoned by labour friend and enemy alike, has done a deal with Davros!!