Saturday, August 23, 2008


Ever since I've been in London, and I arrived here in 1995, there's been a plan to do something about Battersea Power Station. Some misguided individual bought the landmark in the 1980's and took the roof off. Now its a shell - but a listed shell. So it has to be preserved, and rightly since many Londoners are rather proud of it; and for a few Saturdays this month it's also been a tourist attraction with long lines snaking around the building for the privilege of signing a safety waiver and spending ten minutes inside.
That there's so much vacant land in the middle of London is an anomaly which developers are now seeking to address, and they'll show you the model in the visitors centre. The chimneys and high brick walls stay - infact they're the centre of a planned multi million pound housing, leisure and retail complex. Can't think it's a bad thing; the power station is a magnificent building and it's a scandal that it's been allowed to deteriorate to the state it's in. Click here for my photographic efforts.

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