Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chinese Revisionism

I was able to watch some of the Olympic opening ceremony while sat in our newsroom the other day. It was electrifying and the coverage of the games - we see a mix of BBC picture and core coverage from the Chinese hosts - has so far been utterly flawless. Underneath it all is a terrifying message for the Brits: Match this. If you can.
What the Chinese officials will probably see as 'unhelpful revisionism' has now taken hold with some comment about computer generated firework footage and the shocking admission that a little girl tasked with the trivial task of singing in front of billions of people was infact dubbed. But we shouldn't be fooled, the Chinese are setting the bar incredibly high and trying to busk a 2012 opening ceremony with Terry Wogan and Liberty X just isn't going to fly.

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AliceEmmaThompson said...

But no one can beat us for a good old fashioned knees up - remember the jubilee, everyone sneered, the chicken theatre kids or whatever they were running up the mall were not the greatest - but a truly fabulous time was had by Londoners all. Probably the best thing to do is schedule a royal wedding / funeral for the same time - we don't do much any longer that excites / impresses the rest of the world but at royal shindigs we are the best.