Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hadrian's Exhibition

To the British Museum to see the Hadrian exhibition. It's great, although a bit pricey at £12. Took Helen and I about three quarters of an hour to wander round. Of course the rest of the museum is free, but lots of it was closed 'due to staff shortages'. I can pop in whenever it takes my fancy but if I'd come all the way from Murmansk I might be seriously dischuffed. At the end you're decanted into an enormous shop where you can buy a mug with a latin inscription on for fifteen quid. No thanks.

Hadrian comes over as a massive egotist. He had so many statues done they're still digging them up. He was also brutal in his repression of rebellions and today would be doubtless cooling his heel in the Hague waiting for a war crimes prosecution.

We were starved by the end of the afternoon so at Ms T's suggestion met up at the Giaconda Room off the Charing Cross Road, which is the nicest bistro I've been to for ages. £30 a head with wine and two courses with coffee and truffles. I had the rump steak which was a lovely bit of beef, fit for an emperor.

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