Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Trusting Them

To the City where my colleague Adrian Monck held a debate to promote his book 'Can You Trust the Media?'. The audience was filled with hacks who attacked Adrian for his cynicism. His book apparently suggests that the entire concept of trustworthy media was invented by the owners of printing presses in order to promote their wicked plans to sell tracts of 'journalism' to the masses along with pots of Yoghurt.
Andrew Gilligan, who if the Mayor of London is changed tomorrow can definitely claim a big degree of responsibility, was there and disagreed strongly with the author. Inevitably Gilligan's own journalism came under attack from his fellow panellist the Guardian columnist Yasmin Alibhi Brown who felt he really shouldn't have published Lee Jaspar's naughty e-mails.
It was all immensely entertaining. I am not clear about Adrians' arguments though, so I bought a copy and he thoughtfully signed it. He is a good egg, as my Dad would say.
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