Saturday, April 26, 2008

Interesting Things

I've been in Manchester and computerless for some days, and so non blogging. On my travels I have heard a number of interesting things from interesting people, and I relay these to you, dear reader, in no particular order.

- T, who runs a business operating in several countries with a multi million pound turnover, says property is facing an abyss and housebuyers in the UK can look forward to price drops of thirty percent.

- J, who is a GP and makes a shedload, has sold his house and is renting. He agrees with T.

- T also says we can expect eighteen months of low pound-euro exchange rates, but the pound will recover because currency markets are cyclical.

- A, who came for dinner last night and brought two bottles of a very good red, told me she thinks we are all addicted to alcohol, in a 'low level' way. But it only takes three weeks to quit.

Is a new age of austerity upon us?

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