Saturday, April 05, 2008

British Newseum

Washington is about to open a museum for news - a newseum. I thought it was an April fools when I heard about it, but no, it is serious - they're opening a museum to journalism. There's cases of old front pages, a news helicopter is suspended from the roof and there's several bits of the Berlin Wall (although the idea that 'journalism' was responsible for its demolition is at best arguable).
The last place journalism belongs is a museum. It's only history's first draft, as Philip Graham once observed. But I'm open to suggestions as to what should be in the UK Newseum, which I plan to open shortly in my shed in Herne Hill.
Key exhibits will be:
- The Hitler Diaries.
- A full scale reproduction of 'El Vino's where you can order a drink in the company of actors recreating boozy hacks from the Daily Express midway through a four hour lunchbreak.
- Nigel Dempster's typewriter.
- Showcased front pages of the 'Today' newspaper.
- A chequebook.
(Thats enough Newseum exhibits - ed)

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