Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Politics, Faster but less Fun

Over the years I've been lucky enough to do all too short stints in the Westminster bits of various news outlets. It was always great fun. Most if not all journalists love gossip and Millbank, the block opposite the Houses of Westminster, is Gossip Central.

But now, apparently, the gossip has moved onto people's lappies and Blackberries and the bars are empty. If you want to be plugged in to the latest moves among our leaders it's sites like 'Politics Home' edited by Andrew Rawnsley which are the way ahead.

It was launched this week, and I have to say I like it - a lot. It's quite user friendly, offers a great avenue to all the best columns and blog entries, and has a section of stories in the middle 'green box' which show all the latest developments.

My only complaint is that while linking to everyone else's excellent stuff it doesn't showcase its own very well. But it's only a 'beta'.

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