Saturday, May 31, 2008

In The Swim

On the excellent Urban 75 forums there's a thread entitled 'Brockwell Lido Breakfast Club'. The Lido is an institution in this area of South London, and now I'm a member of its spanking new gym complex I can go in whenever I like at no extra charge.

Well, I went in after the gym this morning. Do not believe these other people posting on that thread. Reader, it is insanely cold. I got in at the shallow end and I was literally a bit dizzy with the drop in temperature. It took me about two minutes to get my breathing under control, and it didn't help that Ms T turned up and started making satirical remarks from the side.

Eventually I started swimming and immediately got cramp in my foot. That disappeared and was replaced by a burning sensation on my skin which I presume was my sub cutaneous fat reserves imploding in a desperate attempt to keep my body temperature to a viable level.

After a bit I started enjoying it, but frankly the best thing was getting out. I admit I sort of felt energised. But mostly I was relieved my heart was still beating.

*Hat Tip to the editor of Urban 75 for the photo in this post. I would have taken one myself but my fingers were numb.

UPDATE on not drinking. Finally fell off the wagon last night and had three lovely pints at the Albert. And Rachel and J are coming for dinner tonight, so that's that then, for this weekend anyway. It's done me good, I'm feeling a lot fitter, but God, I was starting to bore myself by the end.


Sujoy Bhattacharjee said...

Nice humour and satire....but nothing can take the joy away from a swim not even the ciy waters.

Was just passing by....liked your blog.

any yes i'm trying to quit drinking too...let me know of any tricks

AliceEmmaThompson said...

I almost drowned in there one summer it was so cold ... highly recommend quick run round the park first or a wetsuit!!