Saturday, May 17, 2008

Facilitating Murder

The internet is a dangerous place, apparently, so what to do about the kids? The net is present in schools in the capital, in the form of what's called 'The London Grid for Learning'. You'll be pleased to hear the web is properly filtered for the city's little ones, according to a good source.

This blog is allowed through to the childrens' browsers, though heaven knows it has no educational value; me not indulging in obscenities is enough to get it the green light. Rachel's however is not, because it is described as 'obscene and containing swearwords'. I thought she'd been quite restrained during her run in with Kitchen's Direct but there you are.

The website belonging to the Friends of West Norwood Cemetery is madly labelled as 'advocating prostitution' (really must pop over to pay my respects) but the prime idiocy is reserved for a revision site for Shakespeare's Macbeth. That's banned on the grounds that it 'facilitates murder'.

There's no point in getting exercised about this; my source says all the 'kids in need of protecting' are well versed in the ways of the internet and skate round the digital censorship effortlessly, usually in front of the teachers who are of course dunces when it comes to the art of point and click.

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