Monday, September 22, 2008

Thoughts While Delayed At Dalaman Airport

I write to you, dear reader, from Dalaman Airport where we've been delayed for five hours in the middle of Monday night. Actually if this is all the XL disaster puts us through we will have got off lightly. But where else in Turkey, (an otherwise cheap and hospitable place) is beer five pounds a bottle, the staff shouty and the temperature nastily high well after dark? People sit crowded into underlit catrering areas subjected to pumping Turkish pop music. Screens in the lounge play episodes of 'Holby' to glassy eyed travellers. Dalaman airport is exploitative of its captive British travellers to a blatant and wicked degree. It's worse than BAA in that the UK operation, while charging stupid prices, does deliver a small degree of quality. But I shall be glad to be home which is a shame because we've had a lovely holiday.

Looking at the net I have to wonder what we're flying back to; the credit crunch which won't stop biting, one less High Street bank than there was when we left, the country in a funk.....but there is one bright spot on the horizon. The new series of Strictly Come Dancing has begun. Come on John Sergeant!

UPDATE: At home after a night from travel hell I discover that the head of XL bought a 800K house in his daughters names just a few weeks before his business went under - in cash, with what he says is 'family money'. Now Phil Wyatt intends to get back in the airline industry. Do me, the dumped XL staff, and the rest of us at Dalaman last night a favour Mr Wyatt: stay out of the flying business.

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