Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Curse of Hendo

For years it's been a standing joke that disasters occur when I'm on my holidays. My loved ones call it 'The Curse of Hendo'.It asserted itself in 1997 when myself and Chris were on a trip round the Southern states of America. We got back to the room to discover a live image of an underpass in Paris on CNN. I spent the rest of my holiday wondering whether to come home, and driving poor Chris bonkers in the meantime. This pattern, maybe coincidental, maybe not, repeats itself. 9/11 was the day after Ms T and I arrived in California. Northern Rock collapsed the day after I unrolled my towel at the poolside in Southern Turkey. A trip to Italy was marked by a nasty rail disaster.
This is a curse which is refining its aim, edging closer to me as it replicates. This year we flew out on XL airways only for it to collapse by the end of that same week. As if for punctuation Lehmann brothers fell apart yesterday, and HBOS shares, which I have a decent wedge of, fell some thirty percent.
In future I'll post up when I'm going and you can take your place in the nearest bunker.

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