Wednesday, September 03, 2008

How Parking Enforcement Works

Since the Post Office closed my local office I've had to drive to Camberwell to pick up the parcels they can't be bothered delivering. There's the doorway to the office on the right hand side of the picture. Just visible behind the cars on the left of the picture is a man from Southwark council wearing a tabard. If you stop next to the office to pick up your parcel he gives you a parking ticket. Smart eh! Don't worry about what happens if he walks off. The council have installed a cctv camera on a pole just visible on the left of the picture, and presumably that arranges for fines in his absence. 


Simon said...

Mate write to Southwark Borough Council and the post office and suggest that it might be nice to make the area in front of the post office a 20 minute waiting area or similar so that people going about their lawful business do not put themselves in the position where they are fined.

Hendo said...

I will, but I have a feeling this is a nice little earner. And we know how loath councils are to abandon those.