Thursday, June 26, 2008

Unpreturbed of Northampton

I've spent the last two days in Northamptonshire, where the water literally isn't fit to drink. This is because of an outbreak of cryptosporidium in the pipes, a parasite nearly as nasty to contract as to spell. We swimmers know it all too well; it's what gives you that dodgy tummy after a dip in a murky pool or off a contaminated beach. Anglian Water freely admit to being perplexed at its appearance in their network.

But the people of Northampton are distinctly unphased about having to boil their water. I 'vox popped' in the market square. "You just have to get on with it really" said one man. There was a total lack of panic, and I left town feeling that the Dunkirk spirit was still alive and well, simply unremarked upon.

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