Saturday, June 07, 2008

More Swimming

Went swimming in the Lido again this morning. I think my system is getting used to the shock of it. Certainly the disorientation and panicky breathing was all over by the end of the first twenty or thirty metres.
Now I want to start working on my lengths.
Me: 8
Tricky Skills (Of Onionbag Blog): 20
GaijinGirl (from Urban75): 30 (Go GG!)
Hardcore Blokes (training for the Olympics or Something): 40.

Some way to go before I can live with the rest of them.
I was joined this morning by Helen, who says what everyone says, that it makes you feel amazing. And it does, I'm sort of buzzing even now some four hours later. Ms T said last night she would swim too, but wussed out. She stood looking at us from the side with a slightly wistful air about her.

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AliceEmmaThompson said...

Sensible girl!!

It may have been puzzled rather than wistful - that anyone could be so mad ..