Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lee's Business

I hope the real business world is nothing like 'The Apprentice'. My friend Alice who is a denizen of many a heated boardroom, says it's not and she should know. The series seemed to glorify the art of knowing nothing about a something, but selling the something anyway. This was typified by the winner, Lee McQueen, who's wriggling about his fictional CV was masterful.

Here's Lee's technique on finally being called on his fictional University education.

- "A CV is a conversational tool."

- "A CV is about a bullet point format".

- On his degree education: "As far as I am aware it was two years, yes"

Finally, when faced with the reality, that he dropped out after four months: "I am disappointed in myself for doing that".

There's a future in politics for him if Sir Alan's outfit doesn't work out.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe he got away with it and didn't get kicked out at the interview stage!

Even more mind boggling is the fact that he was (supposedly) working in recruitment prior to the 12 week Apprentice challenge. Didn't he learn ANYTHING whilst working in recruitment about the likelihood of CVs being checked and most employers won't even offer an interview if they twig that a few facts don't add up.

He also appeared to be semi-literate (or undiagnosed dyslexic) with humungous and glaring spelling errors in his application.

Is this really the role model Sir Alan wants to portray to teenage and young adult viewers?

Oh yes, it's fine to lie on your CV and not to give a fig about checking your application form; good old Uncle Alan will always give jobs "for the boys" and ensure that the better, harder working candidate comes second.

I think Lee McQueen needs to change his catchphrase to "That's what I'm bull-shitting about."