Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stuff In My Head

My head is full of banks and the image of four fantastically wealthy men lined up at a select committee hearing like naughty schoolboys in detention, and a figure heard in my headphones as I ran around the park this lunchtime: the average earning of bank employees - the ones out in the branches - is between 14 and 16k a year.

To take my mind off these crazy times I'm hitting the gym like never before but my newly hired personal trainer seems to be avoiding me. He did all the tests on me last Friday (at 7am!!) but now he's going off the idea. Perhaps he just doesn't like the size of the challenge. He says he could conceivably meet me this coming Thursday. But he hasn't texted me to confirm. So for motivation I have had to turn to the tweets of Chris Moyles who is trying to train for a celebrity trip to Kilimanjaro. They arrive in my twitter feed around three times a day (yes I have finally grasped Twitter). Disturbingly he seems to be training harder than I am. I cannot cannot cannot be more unfit than Chris Moyles, I will not allow it.

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