Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Mountain

I'm a blur of ache after an hour with A in the gym. It seems I have a stone to lose and he is demanding to see what I eat. I don't eat badly (it seems to me) but I'm strongly aware of giving in to fish and chips once in a while so I am stalling him.

Just like the last time several phrases of 'A's are haunting me.

"I am very worried about this (indicating the roll of fat around my belly); this is actually dangerous."

"The next ten minutes will seem like an hour" (adjusting the gradient and speed of the running treadmill).

"So you go swimming. Do you actually take it seriously?"

"If you don't stretch after you go running your muscles will contract and you'll end up walking around like an old man."

It seems I have a mountain to climb, but I'm serious about this (after the 'dangerous' remark I'm actually a bit frightened) so I have booked ten sessions. In the meantime I take great heart from an old friend who has conquered her own mountain in fine style, and writes bravely about it here.

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