Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Hole In The Road

Whatever this recession destroys one sector will remain unaffected, that being the group of people who dig holes in the road. I sense these guys will go on and on; they're a self perpetuating industry. I learnt this at first hand last Sunday when a team descended on the pavement outside my window and dug it up with a jackhammer and a truck mounted claw excavator. I was recovering from a night shift at the time but I just knew my rest was over. I think they were fixing a water main.

They went away at three and I thought nothing of it till Ms T came home and announced she smelt gas outside. And indeed it was whiffy. So I rang up the gas emergency line, who sent a squad round, dug another hole to repair the damage the previous team had done, and cut the supply off for two entire days while they did it.

I was visiting my Dad in Manchester during the period of sub zero temps at Hendo Towers but hypothermia has filled Ms T with a lust for vengeance. She has begun an investigation into the hole affair (sorry) and has discovered that the first and the second team work for the same company. It happens quite a lot said one guy from Team No 2. And it's as well you rang, he said, because the gas can pool under a property and one spark can send the whole lot up.


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