Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The big Thaw

Time out Walk: Number 21 vol2
Pluckley Circular
Miles Walked:7
Amount of mud collected on boots: 3 tonnes

Alright I hereby take back anything I may have said about winter weather being 'bracing' or 'good for moral fibre or any other such cant. I am starting to heartily detest this Winter and all its freezing short days. I think I like it least when its damp.
We did catch a smidgeon of good weather last Sunday in Kent. Dispensing with the train (which would have been a bus, it being a Sunday) we drove down there and did a seven mile circular walk around the picturesque village of Pluckley. It was a good stretch but my God it was cold. I saw a dead fieldmouse by a hedge; I feel sorry for the wildlife when it's like this.
Pluckley is said to be the most haunted village in the UK (how do they measure these things?) but there were no manifestations when i was there, just as in Wales. There wasn't any drinking in the halfway pub either, since its 'Dry January' at Hendo towers. Why do we make things difficult for ourselves at the worst part of the year?

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