Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Winter Living

The other day Ms T announced that she quite liked the weather like it is at the moment and I found myself agreeing. Everybody moans, and sometimes they're right, but really the winter here in the UK really isn't that bad; there are many compensations. It's crisply cold and there's quite a good deal of sharp low-angled sunlight that's been making a run in the park a real pleasure.

I like the contrast between outside and inside too; the chill on your skin being replaced with a glow when you go indoors. And drinking is especially pleasant in winter with red wines coming into their own and decently brewed ales going down nicely. Ms T starts doing hearty food; last night it was meatballs, yum. I hope it gets a couple of degrees lower and we get some snow out in the country coinciding with a day off - I reckon a winter walk would be fantastic and get yours truly off the sofa properly...

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