Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wandering in Woburn

Time Out Walk: Book 2 Number 17
Weather: Brisk
Animals seen: Squirrels, Wolves, Hundreds of deer and a number of Indian Elephants.

The plumber came at 7, turned off the water and the heating, so we headed to Bedfordshire for one of those Time Out walks. Winter's last throw; everything faded and chill. But no rain, so we did a good pace to Woburn where we lunched at a rather indifferent pub and then went on following the route into the safari park.

The public footpath network leads right through it; you can see the animals without paying, albeit a bit far away, plus you're out of the car. We encountered the elephants in their holding pen who ambled over to their fence to have a look at us. At one point two Apache helicopters swooped low over the trees and vanished with a low rumble.

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