Friday, March 21, 2008

I Can't Face Buying a New Computer

I've got the money. My old computer is showing its age. The weather is certainly poor enough to justify sitting indoors and not doing something more worthwhile with my time.

But I'm stymied. Why? Windows Vista. They force you to have it with new PCs and the system is a dog, as this post from the techies at ZD net shows. And the author goes on to make another interesting point - even with a locked up PC there's more and more you can do on the web just using a browser. Microsoft is cutting its own throat here.

The answer is to get a Mac. Can I go there after PC's for over ten years? It's a desertion.


christhelemon said...

Alternatively, you could try Linux.

What;s wrong with the computer you've got? Itchy feet?

Hendo said...

There's a new Total War game coming out. Don't ask. But since writing this post the boiler's broken, so this is a bridge I won't have to cross till the Autumn, probably, if then.