Wednesday, June 20, 2012

JoJo's in Whitstable

Take your hands off my small potato creamy thingies
Ms T's birthday saw the clouds clear, and joy of joys, the rain stop. So it was off to Whitstable on the Kentish coast to walk the dogs, squint through the sunlight at the boats, smell the sea - and to check out JoJo's which is a place with great and growing 'word of mouth'. 

The problem with guide dogs, or at least the two I seem to spend time with, is that when prone they occupy space roughly the size of a small continent. Fortunately this is not an issue for the staff here who not only let them in but gave us a table in an area where the noble beasts could sprawl contentedly while their four hungry adults got stuck into the food.

JoJo's is a tapas place, albeit with a kind of coffee place at the front which looked to be doing a roaring trade with burgers when we went in. The idea in the restaurant proper is that each plate feeds two people, and you order lots and try things. They encourage you to bring your own bottle although it does have a cellar with the basics. The margin is all on the food brought forth from the huge open-plan kitchen at the back of the single floor dining area; pretty brave policy, because from what I know of restaurants they tend to rely on the booze mark-up to stay in business. Fortunately JoJo's pull off the gamble with friendly, efficient service and some great offerings.

My favourite was the Calamari which was done to perfection, but our crew raved about the pig cheeks and the Patatas Bravas which have to be the best I've ever had, even in Spain. (Patatas Bravas. That means 'Brave Potatoes'. Doesn't it?). There was even flat bread which they made in the oven there and then.

We stuffed ourselves. A DC3 from the Battle of Britain memorial flight flew over and everyone piled out to wave. Perfect. If you're going I strongly suggest booking; it was rammed when we went with piles of families who looked as if they were having as good a time as we were. 

Jo-Jo's Meze Meat and Fish Restaurant

2 Herne Bay Road

£25 a head (more if you don't BYO booze)
01227 274591



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