Friday, January 21, 2011


I've started driving to work a bit more often since I'm generally starting at 6 in the morning while I'm with BBC News online. London roads are probably as quiet as they ever are at that time, but while no marvel behind the wheel myself I do wonder about some of my fellow drivers.

This morning I saw one with a dog on his lap. At the next lights I saw another reading the paper (it was the Times, since you ask).

And then a white van overtook me doing at least fifty and went through a red light.

Made me think.


Carol said...

I've seen people in the States with dogs in their laps. So far, the dogs have kept them from texting on their phones during the drive. It's scary because people haven't been stopping at lights lately. I had the green and missed being hit by northbound and southbound traffic.

Hendo said...

Hi Carol, lovely of you to post a comment.
I think some people now think lights are optional.
Take care!