Thursday, November 27, 2008

What You Have Missed

I've now been offline at home for weeks so this blog has missed out on a number of tedious posts that I would have written had BT allowed it. For the benefit of God Alone Knows Who I shall now summarise these in an easily digestible form.

- The new wifi router is arriving this weekend. This is a replacement for the one that broke, which was replaced last week. But the Parcelforce driver left it on the porch doorstep in full view of the street, so it was stolen. If the credit crunch has any positive element at all please can it be to put human beings back in charge and so strip out these kind of costs from businesses? I have no doubt the reason why the wifi router was left on the step was because a computer had designed a schedule for the driver that was unmeetable save by Superman.

- The Saatchi exhibition of Chinese modern art. Fun and thought provoking in equal measure the highlight is in the basement; a group of eerily accurately recreated old men in wheelchairs aimlessly moving to and fro and bumping gently into each other. I don't really get modern art but this was fab, indeed I shall post up pics of it. When I get online at home, that is.

- Renaissance Faces at the National Gallery. Crowded and hot though it was, still a great exhibition of some of the world's best paintings, some of them with an amazingly contemporary look given they were painted around 1460. But the best exhibit was a bust of a ten year old Henry VIII, which looked exactly as demonic as he later turned out to be.

- The moral courage required to not go and see the relentlessly hyped new James Bond film. But if Five Live's film critic Mark Kermode graciously takes the time to personally tell you that it's not very good, is it not then ridiculous to pay money to see it?

- Meeting General Sir Mike Jackson and the feminist writer Naomi Woolf at the same party. But you shouldn't namedrop should you? Oops, I just have.

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