Saturday, October 11, 2008

How To Spend It

A bizarre day in which I realise I'm obsessed by the FTSE 100 is followed by a mad night in which the US Presidential Election is relegated to a second story as the developed world peers into the financial abyss. Deep into my shift and craving some relief I turn to the full set of papers delivered to the newsdesk seeking for any other story other than the money meltdown. But amidst the financial carnage I find the FT has issued a colourful supplement entitled 'How To Spend It - The Bonus Issue' jampacked full of advertising for watches costing £1500 and pictures of wealthy looking models exiting Learjets while sporting suits costing my entire monthly salary. Laughing bitterly I turn to the Telegraph property section (surely an anachronism now?) to find a piece about buying orchards and a promotional offer of treehouses. The adjustment to austerity is not yet complete.

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