Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Lido 1 Night Shifts 0

Regular readers/sufferers here will know of my deep antipathy towards night shifts, involving as they do, the imposition of a semi permanent state of knackeredness. Today being a case in point; I simply could not sleep after my shift.

Home at 8.20

Woke at 1000

Went back to sleep maybe 1015.

Woke at 1215.

Got Up. (Big mistake this; wandered about eyes on stalks, made chicken sandwich sorted out the firewall on the PC)

Went back to bed at 3.15.

Got up at 4. The sun was shining through a gap in the curtains.

Went to the Lido at 4.30 and jumped in the pool.

Got out at 5 feeling very strange indeed.

Went back to bed at 5.45.

Got up at 6.50, had tea.

At 8pm, went to work.

The one saving grace was the swimming, the sun on the water, the sheer rush of it. It was cold but after the afternoon heat, a relief to get in and do the lengths. Maybe nights aren't so bad...

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Anonymous said...

The Lido 1 almost every thing else this summer 0 even when it's raining.