Friday, February 15, 2008


Time Out Walk: Number 21 from Book 1.
Place: Tonbridge, Kent
Weather: Pristine
Pub: The White Rock
Beer: Harveys (well kept) and a local brew I can't remember. Funny that.

It's pointless now to pretend that something weird hasn't happened to the climate. Ms T and I roused ourselves from our bed, trekked to Victoria Station and entrained for Kent - to discover that spring has arrived before mid February. The sun beat down; I'd brought my fleece but as the mist burned off I had to remove it and stow it in my rucksack. Gloves went unused.

I often wonder about living in the country. We couldn't afford it where we were walking because the houses are a million quid each, but when I'm listening to the 43rd police siren of the day, I wonder if it might not be nicer to live somewhere a bit more peaceful. Though Miss T says I'd be going up the wall with tedium sickness after four days, and she might well have a point.

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