Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Own Private Oscars

I get fed up with Oscars; partly because they ignore films I've liked and partly because the ceremony is a thesp-fest involving obscenely wealthy celebs all patting each others egos like they've discovered the cure for cancer.

A lot of very good films never get so much as a nomination. Clockwork Orange for example, or It's A Wonderful Life. Some directors are passed over so frequently even the academy itself becomes embarrassed, and the auteur in question then has to be summoned for a 'career' award. The voting process is controlled by the less enlightened type of Americans, and yet it's supposed to in some way represent the best of an entire global artform.

Case rests.

Anyway here are my Hendofilm awards for the best I've seen this year, given that I've spent half of it on nights.

The Winners Are.....

Best film:

Best actor:
Sam Riley for his portrayal of Ian Curtis in the above Best Film.

Best supporting:
Sam Morton for her portrayal of Ian's wife, Deborah.

Best Director:
Joe Wright for Atonement

Best Documentary:
Boys from Baghdad

Special Categories

Best Celia Johnson Impression:
Keira Knightley in Atonement.

The Peter Jackson 'Return of the King' forgetting how to Edit Award:
Coen Brothers for their 'work' in No Country for Old Men

Chariots of Fire Award for pompous British Film:
Elizabeth, christ what a bore that was!

Ian McKellan Award for knackered actor in Indian Summer Career Phase:
Tommy Lee Jones

Philip Seymour Hoffman Being In Everything Award:
Philip Seymour Hoffman! For the eighth successive year!!

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