Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Understanding Children

It's very important to understand what's going on in childrens minds, and their motivations. So as we go up to Christmas I here reproduce a certain twelve year old's Christmas list, which arrived in my e-mail last week, and which I feel lends an invaluable insight.

Christmas list… (to Santa)

  • Hoosiers album

  • My Sims ds game

  • Mario cart ds game

  • Sims shipwrecked ds game (shipwrecked might not be the word)

  • Plain whites T’s album

  • The killers album

  • Hamster cage

  • Hamster cage stuff

  • Phone talk time

  • Ds accessories kit

  • Internet for my computer

  • Sims 2 extension pack

  • The feeling cd (album)

  • Chip for phone to give it more memory for stuff like music

  • A phone case

  • A case to put my panner in

  • Chocolate

  • Snappy snaps canvers picture of meee

  • Storage boxes to put my junk in

So now you know. But what is a 'panner'?

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