Sunday, November 18, 2007

Footie Ticket Prices

Could the worm finally have turned? I used to think football supporters in this country would take any kind of ticket price nonsense. But now even Man Utd fans have seemingly had enough. Their season ticket schemes reportedly include a clause forcing them buy cup tickets even if they don't want them.

I can't think of a single other business that operates in this way. Ever been in a restaurant where they force you to have an apple crumble when you're not hungry? And yet fans put up with the high prices, the cattle shed conditions and stupid alcohol policy for season after season, all so we can watch overpaid underperforming millionaires perambulate for ninety odd minutes.

Man U Fans have now woken up to the fact that clubs effectively run a monopoly and have complained to the OFT, but in truth we as supporters have the power to stop all of this tomorrow morning. Just stop spending on football. Dump the TV soccer packages. Tell the kids there'll be no fresh strip till they actually get themselves an apprenticeship. Stay well away from grounds, clubs and their websites. The beautiful game would quickly re-assume normal economic proportions.

Now where's my wallet, I need to find £45 for Citeh's away fixture at White Hart Lane.

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Terrible Tory Girl said...

Hendo, responsible journalism calls for a campaign to save the broiler footie brutes from their plight to watch the (not so) beautiful game.

That, or you could don a Leninist hat, trapse on to the footy platform and actively encourage a red-strip revolution against the evil clutches of the capitalist, exploitative OFT.

Can't you blag freebie tickets on the grounds of the public interest and er, the "investigating" of football fans?

Just a couple of ideas to contemplate :P