Saturday, August 04, 2007

A Shooting at the End of My Street

I should have realised something was going on when my street, usually very noisy with kids, went very quiet around eleven last night. This morning as I headed for the gym, people were gathered in little clumps discussing what I had already heard on the radio: that another young man had been shot dead.

He's already been named to me but I shan't post that here at the moment. The bush telegraph says he was a nineteen year old youth worker murdered after he declined to intervene in a dispute over a gold chain.

There was very little police presence at the cordon this morning, and no senior officers on hand to brief the media. Perhaps efforts to reassure the jittery community, who are concerned about reprisals, may start on monday when the management return to the office.

My neighbours tell me guns are now freely available 'for peanuts'.

If there's been an arrest I haven't heard about it.

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