Sunday, June 24, 2007

He's Back

Great news. British TV is about to see the return of 'The Shield', arguably the best cop series ever made with the possible exception of HBO's 'The Wire.'

Regulars based this side of the great water may well have missed this, since its on Five, which many still don't have, and it's usually on way late. This Friday it's on at 11 which is criminal in itself.

At the centre of this fast paced and shrewdly written series is the brooding Vic Mackey played by the stupendous Michael Chiklis. As The Guardian's Charlie Brooker remarked, Vic looks like an angry testicle, and he is simultaneously the victim and protagonist of the events in the show. Now he has met his nemesis in the form of IAD detective Jon Kavanaugh (Forest Whitaker).

If you haven't seen this, and you like cop shows, beg borrow and steal the DVDs and treat yourself to the some of most riveting drama on the little screen. It makes CSI and its progeny look like glitzy schlock.

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