Tuesday, October 03, 2006

On facing up to the latest Scorsese Movie...

I think people around Scorsese have long since stopped saying 'No' because it's gospel in Hollywood that he's possessed of a god Like genius. With no limits on his artistic licence he's burdened us with expensive self indulgent crap like 'Gangs Of New York'.
It's all a shame because Taxi Driver, King of Comedy and Raging Bull are three peerless films, and Goodfellas is without flaw.
But I just have to admit to myself that he's off the pace. I quite liked the thing about Howard Hughes, 'The Aviator' but it was clear that he's forgotten how to edit - at least half an hour too long.
Now he's doing a remake of Infernal Affairs, which is a silly macho film which worships guns. DeCaprio is in it, and he's the very embodiement of an over rated talent and we know from 'Cold Mountain' that poor Ray Winstone struggles with accents.
I'll go, of course, and I hope I love it, but I fear the worst.

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